How to Wash Delicate Garments

What should we do with all those delicate garments that we have? How to wash them? In fact, you shouldn't worry too much about this thing, because it's quite easy to wash delicate pieces of clothing by hand. It is not a complicated philosophy and everyone can do this work.

There is nothing more annoying than washing delicate garments. Many pieces of clothing require extra care and they can be hand-washed. However, in order to successfully hand-wash your delicate garments, we will provide you with a few tricks.

Sort your clothes

Firstly, before you start washing your garments, it’s recommended to read their labels, because you may have some surprises. Furthermore, it’s important to take into account the material and its washing temperature. Secondly, after you read their labels sort them on colors. Put the dark and the light ones separately. Moreover, colors such as red, green, blue should be placed into the dark category. Instead, white, pink or cream should go in the light category of clothing. Regarding the most delicate items, whether they are dark or white, they should be sorted separately, because they need special care.

Use cool water

If you have some delicate or sophisticated pieces of clothing, avoid washing them with hot water. Opt for water, which is lukewarm because this will get your stains out without damage them. Additionally, use a plain detergent instead of a soap one because the last one will not help you get rid of stains.

Soak the clothes in water and detergent

Take your delicate items and soak them in a bowl with lukewarm water and plain detergent. Leave them there for no more than 20 minutes. Maybe this activity seems too strange for you, but you need to follow every step, so your pieces of clothing don’t get damaged.

Hand-wash your delicate items

After soaking, you can start washing the fabrics by hand. Wash them one by one, but be very careful when you will try to remove extra water. Don’t forget to rinse them in clean water because you need to get the soap out.

Dry your garments

The most annoying part of hand-wash is the drying. You surely don’t want to wait a week for your clothes to get dry. As such, think about buying an advanced dryer which can do this work in a few minutes. However, you need to consider its features and see if it was designed for delicate garments. These days, most dryers have special settings for these types of garments and you must learn how to use them. On the other part, if a dryer is too much for your budget, you can opt for the traditional method. Your clothes can be dried by sitting out in the air.